“Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon took on the NASCAR Jimmie Johnson champ in a battle for racing supremacy with ‘Big Wheel’-style tricycles.

Fallon had the early advantage — the race took place on his “home turf,” in his own studio. But Johnson wasn’t adverse to playing dirty … and he “accidentally” crashed his bike into Fallon’s. No fair! … But in the end, cheaters never prosper. Johnson spun out into some bags of packing peanuts, and never managed to recover. The day — and the race — was Mr. Fallon’s. He won handily — and even taunted the five-time champ, tapping at an imaginary watch when Jimmie “Superman” Johnson finally reached the finish line.

(Source: NBC-TV and TVSquad.com)

Jimmy Fallon vs. NASCAR Champ in a Tricycle Race

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