Seth MacFarlane’s Oscars hosting gig didn’t end when the show did.

The host also helped kick off Jimmy Kimmel’s annual post-Academy Awards special, which began with Kimmel visiting MacFarlane’s dressing room to offer his congratulations.

Much to Kimmel’s shock, he discovered MacFarlane is a hoarder, packing the tiny space with everything from cardboard cut-outs of Michelle Kwan to Taylor Lautner’s bloody fingers for good luck.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel premiered the highly anticipated super-trailer for Movie: The Movie: 2V on his post-Oscars show on Sunday (video below).

The star-studded (to say the least) preview for the fake film mashing up every conceivable genre included appearances by Gerard Butler, Jude Law, Oprah, Jessica Chastain, John Krasinski, Bryan Cranston, Bruno Mars, Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Jason Schwartzman, Kerry Washington, Amanda Seyfried, Armie Hammer, and others.

Of course, Kimmel nemesis Matt Damon is also involved.

Jamie Foxx is a big fan of his White House Down co-star Channing Tatum.

In fact, the actor likes Tatum so much that he wrote a song about him.

Foxx debuted the tune, titled “Channing All Over Your Tatum” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after the Oscars on Sunday night.

The melody prompted Tatum to jump on on the piano and start doing Magic Mike stripper moves (video below).

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Hosts Oscars Special

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