Last week Fox News host Megyn Kelly led a debate on the ethnicity of Santa, starting with the statement: “Santa is white.” The comment incited backlash, including a skewering from Jon Stewart.

Kelly fired back on Friday, saying her “off-hand jest… has become a national firestorm. Humor is a part of what we bring to this show but sometimes it’s lost on the humorless.” if Kelly was hoping to end the controversy it didn’t quite work. On Monday’s show Stewart was sarcastically contrite: “I guess we all owe you an apology,” Stewart said.

“What appeared to me to be another example of a Fox News segment expressing anger and victimization over the loss of absolute power and reframing that as persecution of ‘real America’ by minorities, freeloaders, and socialists — that’s trademarked, by the way. What I thought was that was a jest, a jape, a bit of wise-crackery.”

(Sources: Yahoo and Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart Mocks Megyn Kelly’s “Santa is White” Defense

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