Instead of attacking President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act on substantive grounds, Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show on Monday, Fox News has insisted on going over-the-top with threats that have been debunked, criticized or otherwise “total bullsh*t.”

“Yes, the president has been somewhat dishonest about the promise of his health care program,” Stewart argued. “But here’s the weird part: his opponents have been lying like motherf*ckers about its effects.”

Stewart did chide Obama for his insistence in 2009 on saying, “Period” after promising that all policy holders would be able to keep their existing plans after the law was implemented, only to have to add that they could do so “if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”

“No, no, no, no, no,” Stewart replied. “What you said was, you can keep it. Period. Now what you said there was more like, ‘You can keep your health care plan … elipses. Comma, because it may no longer meet the minimum requirements, or your insurance company may stop offering individual plans or some other odd bureaucratic offshoot. Period. Emoticon depicting a combination of embarrassment and arrogance.”

But f the law is that bad, Stewart said, then conservatives should be content to just say so, and wouldn’t require arguments like Dr. Ben Carson likening it to slavery.

“There’s a reason why 12 Years A Slave doesn’t have vampires and zombies,” Stewart said. “It doesn’t need them.”

Stewart also took aim at the argument that the law’s requirement that health care plans provide 10 standard benefits is like forcing taxpayers to buy “fully-loaded Cadillacs” instead of more affordable models by pointing out that automobiles are already required to carry 50 items, no matter the kind of car.

“My guess is, you’re gonna be able to find some people who do not benefit from this law and some people who are actually burdened by this law,” Stewart said. “But don’t pretend that the old system was Cocoon.”

(Sources: and Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart Slams Fox News for Lying About Obamacare

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