On “The View,” Joy Behar voiced concern over the power of Sarah Palin’s endorsement in the mid-term elections, and balked at the idea of Palin successfully being elected to the presidency in 2012.

“Clearly, the power of Palin is there. I think we’ve been seeing it, and whether or not she decides to run in 2012 … ” began Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

“Is anyone scared of the potential President Palin out there?” interrupted Behar. “I’m a little scared of that and it’s possible it could happen. You know, I mean, it’s a little scary to me. It’s not scary to you?”

“I think, you know, to assert fear right now in a Palin presidency … I mean, we’ve had scarier things happen,” Hasselbeck replied.

(Source: TVAquad.com and ABC-TV)

Joy Behar: Scared of a “President” Sarah Palin

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