While discussing ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck praises Palin for courageously putting herself in dangerous situations (with a TV crew close by). But Joy Behar wondered aloud if Palin has the courage to go head-to-head with the ladies of “The View.”

“I find it very interesting. I think we’re seeing a multidimensional look at her that we didn’t get before,” Hasselbeck said of the reality show, adding that she admires Palin for coming in close proximity to wild bears.

“But, the question is, does she have the courage to come on ‘The View’? That would be the point,” Behar said. “Forget the bears. How about the mama bears here?”

(Source: TVSquad,com and ABC-TV)

Joy Challenges Sarah Palin to Appear on “The View”

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