Julia Roberts, who doesn’t believe in Botox, visited “The Late Show” and Dave asked her how she stays looking “like a kid.” “Thank you,” she said. “It’s the love of a good man, good kids. I eat a lot.”

Julia took the opportunity to set the record straight about varicose veins, mistakenly mentioned along with her name in the show’s intro.

“Can I just log a tiny complaint?” she asked. “I’m in the dressing room watching, and in the intro they say ‘And Tonight — Julia Roberts!’ … and then they say, ‘A problem with varicose veins?'”

Dave blamed the producers for the confusion and later asked Julia if she could ever do another ‘Pretty Woman.’

“Not with these varicose veins,” she joked.

Julia Roberts Talks “Love, Aging, Varicose Veins”

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