Keith Olbermann announced that his new show will no longer cut into Rachel Maddow’s opening minutes—a seeming result of pressure his fans had put on him.

Olbermann revealed on the Monday premiere of the new version of “Countdown” that his show would run for 63 minutes every night, not 60. When some of his Twitter followers pointed out that this would cut into the opening minutes of Maddow’s MSNBC show, Olbermann defended the move. “It’s a competition,” he wrote.

By Thursday, though, Olbermann had changed his mind, as he wrote on Twitter:

“At @current we’ll soon have a 9 PM companion commentary show to mine. But in the interim there is no reason for me to be overlapping with my friend Rachel, nor to ignore the wishes of those who’ve been so loyal to both of us for so long. We’ve heard you: as of tomorrow night Countdown finishes at 9. Bonus stuff will instead go to Countdown Online. Thanks for upsiding my head on this :)”


Keith Olbermann & Rachel Maddow Won’t Compete

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