The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were two of the biggest bands of the 1960s, which led many people to assume there was a rivalry for chart dominance between the two groups. On ‘Late Night,’ Keith Richards explained that this simply wasn’t true.

“It was totally the opposite,” he said. In fact, they almost worked together to ensure both could find success. “Paul or John would call us up and say, ‘We’ve got a single. We’ve got ‘Daytripper’ but it’s not mixed yet.’ Well, we’ve got ‘Paint It Black’ finished. So it was like, ‘Okay you go first.'”

In fact, Paul McCartney and Richards have been friends for years and still get together when time permits. As to whether they’ve ever considered collaborating on a record, Richards said, “The thought is there. The actual deed is still to be done.”

Keith Richards: No Beatles vs. Rolling Stones Rivalry

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