The upcoming Steven Spielberg / J.J. Abrams movie ‘Super 8’ takes place in the summer of 1979. It’s a time that Kelly Ripa is particularly fond of, she said today on ‘Live With Regis and Kelly.’ Ripa said she thinks Spielberg is fond of it, too. Kyle Chandler, formerly of ‘Friday Night Lights’ and one of the stars of ‘Super 8,’ confirmed that.

Chandler was 14 in 1979, which is also the age of his character’s son in the movie. Walking into the set that was the kid’s room brought back great memories for Chandler. Apparently, Spielberg got all of the late-’70s details down perfectly. “I started thinking immediately, What am I going to steal out of here?” said Chandler. The room was everything he had when he was a kid, including Testors paints and airplane models.

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Kyle Chandler Felt Like a Kid Again in ‘Super 8’

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