A debate rages over how parents should refer to their children’s private parts on the premiere episode of “The Talk.” Holly Robinson Peete argues that it’s appropriate to use correct anatomical names, but Leah Remini strongly disagrees.

Remini says she prefers to use a “cute” term when referring to her six-year-old daughter’s privates. “I go, ‘That’s your little cupcake,'” she said. “You’d rather me say, ‘That’s your vagina’?” That’s disgusting!”

But Marissa Jaret Winokur seems to take exception to Remini’s euphemism. “‘Cupcake,’ that sounds, like, yummy. I don’t know if I’d use ‘cupcake,'” she said.

Remini, however, remains undeterred. “Who says that? Yummy? You’re disgusting. Stop talking!” she said.

(Source: TVSquad.com and CBS-TV)

Ladies of “The Talk” Debate Names for Private Parts

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