While Dr. Sanjay Gupta discussed the earthquake in Japan, Larry King listened intently. Both were guests on ‘The Late Late Show.’ Gupta explained that the earthquake occurred 30 hours into the first family vacation the CNN medical correspondent had had in years. “My wife just looked at me and she said, ‘You’re gonna go, aren’t you?'”

“Larry’s had a couple of wives who’ve said to him, ‘You’re gonna go, aren’t you?'” the host quipped.

King grinned and countered, “These past three minutes have been the most serious three minutes in six years of this show … So why do you go off tangent like that?”

Before long the three men were trading barbs and thinking about taking their act on the road. “A Scotsman, an Indian and a Jew!” said Ferguson. “All we have to do is walk into a bar, and there’s the set!” So how ’bout it: Any interest in the Ferguson-Gupta-King Comedy Tour?

Larry King, Sanjay Gupta, Craig Ferguson Consider Comedy Tour

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