Larry King had some pointed words for his former rivals Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity during an interview on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources.”

Speaking to Howard Kurtz on the CNN show, King said he had no regrets that he did not follow his rivals into opinionated territory, even as they beat him in the ratings. He stressed that both Maddow and Hannity were “very good” at their jobs, but that his style was very different to theirs:

“My own concept, Howie, mine is I never learned anything when I was talking. So what they are, are preachers. They’re preachers of their opinion. They’re telling you what they know. They’re not learning. There’s no learning experience from either of those programs. They’re just telling you that what they know. I want to learn. I want to learn.”

Larry King Says Maddow & Hannity Are “Preachers”

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