Greta Van Susteren talked to former first lady Laura Bush about the Tea Party during an interview she conducted with Mrs. Bush on ‘On the Record With Greta Van Susteren.’

“I think people are worried about spending, I think that’s really the whole thing behind it,” was how Bush explained the Tea Party movement.

Then Van Susteren started to present a point about how Tea Partiers are different from how Baby Boomers envision anti-government protesters:

“I sort of have my concept of what a typical protester is, having grown up in the sixties and early seventies,” Greta explained. “And (the Tea Party) don’t look like … they sort of look like …”

“Next door neighbors,” Bush interjected, completing Van Susteren’s thought. Though she neglected to mention if they look like the kind of next door neighbors you’d want to borrow a cup of sugar from, or the kind of next door neighbors who might motivate you to build a fence in your backyard.

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Laura Bush Defends the Tea Party

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