Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham abandoned any pretense of collaborative government on Wednesday in her latest remarks against immigration reform, mocking Republicans who were willing to negotiate with President Barack Obama.

“If you’re willing to do that, you might as well be willing to sit down with [Fidel] Castro and talk about human rights, because he had such a great record on that,” Ingraham said. “It’s just not gonna happen. You’ve gotta deal with the world the way it is, realistically, practically.”

Ingraham, who, as Media Matters reported, has promised to campaign against GOP congressmen willing to work on a bipartisan agreement on the issue, said Obama was not going to live up to his word in any negotiations.

“Your job as an opposition party is to stand against what Barack Obama wants to do to this country,” Ingraham said. “That’s your job. On ‘Obamacare,’ on immigration, and on increasing taxes on making life more miserable for small-business owners. Your job as a Republican is to stop selling out your constituents, stop catering to the law-breakers, and actually do something for a change that makes us cheer you. that’s what your job is.”

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Laura Ingraham Compares Obama to Fidel Castro

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