Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday pretended to abruptly end an interview after Fox News guest host Juliet Huddy used the slur “illegal aliens” to refer to undocumented immigrants.

Conservative websites like and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze have recently expressed outrage that the UCLA Center for Labor Research and the National Labor College had established a National Dream University to allow so-called Dream Act students to take classes online.

“If you’re an illegal alien and you want to apply here, you pay $2,400 for 18 credits,” Huddy told Ingraham on Tuesday. “If you’re a legal person — a legal American student — 18 credits [cost] $6,600.”

“First of all, number one, I have to say, using the word ‘alien’ I find personally — I’m going to have to leave,” Ingraham replied as she pretended to take off her microphone and end the interview.

“No!” she laughed. “There’s now a penalty in place for actually playing by the rules. I mean, you can look at it that way, right? … So, that’s a perverted way of dealing with thing, in my mind.”

Fox News co-host Brian Kilmeade said he had a plan to “defect” to a foreign nation and then “sneak back in and go to school at a discount.”

“We are creating a system in this country where people have an incentive to separate,” Ingraham opined. “To separate and hyphenate themselves, and whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, how does this make sense?”

Four states have passed laws prohibiting undocumented students from qualifying for in-state tuition, meaning that if students want to attend a state university, they must pay the higher, out-of-state price.

Colorlines’ “Drop the I-Word” campaign to end the use of the term “illegals” prompted one Fox News guest earlier this year to say that undocumented immigrants could “return to their country” if they didn’t like the slur.

“People that enter into the country illegally are illegal,” The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields told Fox News host Sean Hannity in May. “OK, that’s not a racial slur. That’s not racist. This is simply just liberals trying so hard to change the subject, to distract voters from Obama’s failed policies.”

“I’m not stopping it,” Hannity agreed at the time. “Illegal immigrant! Illegal!”

(Source: and Fox News)

Laura Ingraham Mocks Illegal Immigrants

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