Coming off a strong July in which it drew its largest audience (2.21 million) and women 25-54 rating (1.0/6) since February, CBS’ daytime talk show The Talk is undergoing some changes. I hear that heading into Season 2, the show has picked up the options of co-host/creator Sara Gilbert and co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen, while the options of Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete have not been picked up.

While the future of Remini and Robinson Peete is unclear, they are not expected to return when The Talk kicks off its second season Sept. 6. The show’s producing team, led by John Redmann, who has been with The Talk since the beginning, is currently mapping out the show’s creative direction for Season 2 before a decision is made about potentially bringing in new co-hosts. Osbourne had recently asked for some time off in the fall to be with her husband, so she will return to the show after that.

The Talk, the first network daytime talk show to successfully premiere in nearly 10 years, has delivered a 0.7 women 25-54 rating to date on the CBS O&O stations, improving its time slot by 17%. In the top three markets, the ratings improvement is between 33% and 133%. Additionally, the talk show has been sold internationally in the U.K., Mexico, Canada and India. The Talk started off with six co-hosts. One of them, Marissa Jaret Winokur, left in January. There were also behind-the-scenes changes, with Brad Bessey, who oversaw the launch, leaving in April. He was briefly replaced by Susan Winston before Redmann took charge.


Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete May Be Leaving ‘The Talk’

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  • Sarah McCauley

    You say in the article that the show is successfull and rating are good so why in the HELL would they want to mess with that and take away Holly and Leah?! Makes no sense to me!!! You are just going to go downhill with that!!! You say ratings are good, well they won’t be for long!!! That can be pretty much guaranteed!!! Lots of People love Holly and Leah so why would you want to mess with that!!!!

  • Jeanne

    I am very disappointed after hearing that Leah and Holly will not be returning for Season 2. I feel the show will lose a unique dimension when those two leave. I don’t understand trying to change a format that brought the show it’s largest audience and great success in July. Not sure I will be on board for Season 2

  • Karol nelson

    Holly and Leah was the best part of the show they were so funny.I hope they start there own show. Julie is a prude and boring, married to the old guy who runs the network. Sarah is boring, uninteresting.

  • SH

    I can never understand why these T.V shows have such great chemistry with certain people but they decide oh well let’s just go in another direction… WHAT!THAT’S CRAZY!. I love Holly and Leah. They are too funny. I guess you want a little more news and boredom like THE VIEW. Gosh I’m so upset about this. I love to watch THE TALK ,but I guess this is just another show going down the hill.Sharon is taking a leave of absence so REALLY what’s Julie and Sara going to talk about? Boring hahahaha…………I love the chemistry between Sara and Leah, they are like sisters. WAY TO GO CBS or shall I say L.Moonves you have really done it this time.

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