MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow paid a visit to the Late Show Wednesday night, where host David Letterman asked her why the fact that Mitt Romney once transported his family dog on a car roof hasn’t been a bigger issue for voters.

Letterman, who made sure to note he’s a registered Independent, also asked about Romney’s tax returns — which he guessed he’s not releasing because he’s “never worked a day in his life” — prompting Maddow to guess that he’ll never, ever release them.

Maddow also noted that, increasingly, people are voting “tribally,” with more and more voting along party lines, and less remaining undecided. Where we’re at right now at this point in this election, she said, is where we’d usually be in October.

Letterman also asked her to weigh in on the calls for Missouri senatorial candidate Todd Akin to step down in the wake of his comments about rape. Maddow told Letterman that Akin was essentially hand-picked by his Democratic opponent Claire McCaskill because she’d knew that he’d “self-destruct”… although maybe not quite so quickly.

On a closing note, Letterman asked the MSNBC host when the network would be removing the “MS” from its name.

(Source: and CBS-TV)

Letterman Asks Rachel Maddow About Mitt Romney’s Dog on Roof

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