Actor/comedian Robert Klein sat down with David Letterman on Tuesday evening and jubilantly celebrated the re-election of President Barack Obama with an ecstatic roar and then a flipping off of conservative commentator Ann Coulter and a rebuking of a “porcine” Karl Rove.

Asked for his thoughts and observations on the election, the veteran stand-up comedian feigned interest in post-election unity: “We’re all Americans. Let’s unite. Let’s be as one. It’s not a time to gloat,” he said.

But then he followed it up by tilting his head back, throwing his arms up in the air, shouting: “Yeah!”

Flipping his hand under his chin as a dismissive gesture, he said: “Ann Coulter: This one’s for you, baby!”

He continued on to mock Rove for his refusal to accept Fox News’ election night projection of an Obama victory: “And that rather porcine fellow, what’s his name? Karl Rove. Couldn’t quite let go. ‘Hey, come on now, the returns from the Virgin Islands aren’t in yet.’”

(Source: and CBS-TV)

Letterman Guest Robert Klein Flips Off Ann Coulter

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