David Letterman mocked Jay Leno in a conversation with guest Dr. Phil, making fun of his squeaky voice and calling him a “complete boob.”

Dr. Phil, the talk show host/unlicensed psychologist, asked Letterman how he was able to get through the late night wars earlier this year.

“I loved it,” Letterman said, before adopting squeaky voice to impersonate Leno, who told Joy Behar last month that he and Conan both got screwed by NBC execs.

“I loved Jay summing things up, [squeaky voice] ‘Yeah, yeah, well we both got screwed,'” Letterman said. “Wait a minute, Jay: you both got screwed and yet you’re the only one who ended up with a show. How did you get screwed exactly?”

(Source: CBS-TV and HuffingtonPost.com)

Letterman Rips Leno: “Complete Boob”

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