CBS Late Show host David Letterman took a jab at President Barack Obama on Wednesday night for claiming that it was not he who established chemical weapons use in Syria as America’s “red line,” but the world and Congress. Letterman did not buy Obama’s clarification, but praised him for belatedly acquiring a critical skill all politicians must possess.

“It looks like we’re getting ready to teach Syria a lesson, and President Obama is now saying that he never used the term ‘red line,’” Letterman began.

“Remember when he was talking about if we find out that they used chemical weapons in Syria that that would be crossing a ‘red line,’ and if they crossed that ‘red line,’ by God, we had to go in there and get them?” he continued. “If they crossed the ‘red line,’ that would be a violation of the ‘red line.’ He drew a ‘red line.’ Had a ‘red line’ everywhere.”

“Well now the president is saying he never used the term ‘red line,’ Letterman continued incredulously. “He’s saying that the world used the term ‘red line.’ So, it’s taken him five years, but finally the guy has learned how to bullshit.”

(Source: and CBS-TV)

Letterman Says Obama “Has Learned How to Bullsh*t”

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