David Letterman made a surprise visit to ‘Live With Regis and Kelly’ to congratulate the pair on the show’s ten year anniversary.

Letterman greeted the hosts with flowers, champagne, and friendly ribbing. Having just watched them interview Michelle Obama, he told Regis, “You made a fool of yourself … you didn’t say a word from the time she sat down to the time she left.”

Letterman then told a touching story about his young son, Harry, asking him to “say hi to Regis” when he put him to bed the night before. When Philbin said he was moved to hear it, Letterman admitted he made it up.

But at least he brought flowers and champagne, right? “Oh, I’m sorry,” Letterman said. “This is for Michelle Obama.” He then wished them good luck and left without handing them the flowers.

Letterman Surprises Regis & Kelly With Flowers, Mockery

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