On “The View,” David Letterman said he enjoyed poking fun at Jay Leno during NBC’s late-night programming debacle because it was “fun to see Jay squirm” and it also gave him a chance to break out his well-honed impression of the late-night host.

“It was fun to see Jay squirm. First of all, he’s been so successful for so long that it makes it, you know, easy and kind of safe to sort of jump on and beat him up a little bit,” Letterman said. “We got to see a little bit of the real Jay Leno in action here and I just found that delightful.”

Letterman also said he saw a chance to use his high-pitched, whining impression of Leno. “It gave me an opportunity to do my Jay Leno impression,” he said. “And I had nothing to do with it. So, it was a lot of fun just to stand on the outside and, you know, toss grenades into the mess.”

(Source: ABC-TV and TVSquad.com)

Letterman Talks About Leno: “It Was Fun to See Jay Squirm”

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