The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill paid a visit to Jay Leno on Wednesday night — where he offered his take on both the current NSA controversies as well as the world of cable news. About the latter, he was a tad critical. And the jabs were aimed at both sides of the political spectrum.

“We have a totally bankrupt media culture in this country,” Scahill charged. The Jodi Arias trial exemplified it, he said, noting how CNN’s prominent coverage coincided with the network closing it’s bureau in Baghdad.

“On the other side of it, you know, you’ve got MSNBC — which is basically like one long episode of the E! True Hollywood Story of Barack Obama,” he quipped.

And then there’s Fox News. Also known as “the Home Shopping Network for conspiracy theories about the scary black man.”

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Liberal Journalist Jeremy Scahill Trashes MSNBC on Leno

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