Mariah Carey had an eventful visit to “Good Morning America” on Friday, and it included a wardrobe malfunction.

The singer — who also accidentally exclaimed “Oh, sh*t!” at one point — had another dramatic moment when her Versace dress burst while she stood on stage at the “GMA” Summer Concert Series in Central Park.

After joking about never being up that early in the morning, Carey told co-host Lara Spencer, “The back of my dress just popped.”

As crew rushed to repair her zipper, Carey joked about being in the middle of a “YouTube moment” and clutched her breasts, saying, “I’ll just hold ‘em up the whole time.”

The show cut to commercial to get Carey ready for her next song.

(Source: ABC-TV and

Mariah Carey’s Wardrobe Malfunction on “Good Morning America”

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