On the “Late Show,” Mark Wahlberg said that he and his wife took their 4-year-old son Mikey to an aquarium where they had a scary encounter with an octopus.

On a private tour, “this woman pulls up this gigantic octopus. The thing latches onto my son’s arm, it’s got my wife, wrapped completely around the lady [handling it] — and another guy who’s standing there. They can’t get this octopus off.” Even the animal’s handler was “freaking out,” he said.

Wahlberg pulled the octopus off his son, whose arm had “all these suction marks, looked like about 30 little hickeys … I was like, ‘This is calamari. I will kill this thing’ … They said it’s never been that aggressive.”

Obviously he didn’t kill it. But David Letterman had a valid follow-up question: “How big is the [lawsuit]?”

(Source: TVSquad.com and CBS-TV)

Mark Wahlberg Rescues Son From Octopus

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