During Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s Bashir, host Martin Bashir  apologized to any young viewers who may have been frightened by Charles Krauthammer’s face.

Bashir shared the soundbite with GQ’s Ana Marie Cox and the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, mockingly asking: “Do Republicans understand what has happened? Let’s listen to the great Charles Krauthammer.”

After the bite played, Bashir joked, “Now I need to apologize to any young viewers who may have been frightened by that face,” eliciting laughter from Cox who proceeded to give her response.

In Monday’s New York Times, political reporter Jeremy W. Peters critiqued MSNBC as being slightly “silly” in its partisanship, singling out Bashir and a few of his colleagues for testing “the limits of good taste.” Some might find this particular instance to be another notch in that category.

(Source: MSNBC and Mediaiite.com)

Martin Bashir ‘Apologizes’ for Charles Krauthammer’s Face

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1 Comment

  • Stephen Joy

    Gee. How about republicans apologizing to the people of the United States for what they have called the President?

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