The Today Show is gearing up for former Alaska governor Sarah Palin‘s turn as a morning show co-host tomorrow, calling up Palin as she made her way from Alaska to New York City.

Ann Curry pointed out that hosting is nothing new for Palin, a former sportscaster. Indeed, Palin, on the phone from Minnesota, joked that the Today folks should be the ones nervous tomorrow.

Host Matt Lauer pointed out a comment Palin recently made about her upcoming hosting duties: She’d told that she’s “‘going rogue’ and infiltrating some turf for a day.” Palin played coy when asked what she’d meant by that.

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“What are you doing to prepare?” Lauer asked Palin. “Are you reading some newspapers?”

You’ll recall that Katie Couric — who happens to be hosting rival morning show Good Morning America this week — unwittingly made pop culture history when she asked Palin what she was reading, a question Palin later referred to as “gotcha journalism.”

“Ok, that’s a fine ‘how do you do,’” Palin replied.

You all excited for tomorrow? We definitely are!

(Source: and NBC-TV)

Matt Lauer Asks Sarah Palin “Are You Reading Some Newspapers?”

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