“Jersey Shore” star Snooki appeared on the “Today” show to promote her new book, “A Shore Thing,” and Matt Lauer got the opportunity to ask her some of the tough questions people have wanted her to answer.

One such question: did she actually write her book? Snooki said that, though she did use a co-writer, “if you read it, you’ll know on the first page that I wrote it…it’s all my language.”

Lauer then read a passage from the book that included the word “badonk.” When he read that word out, someone who sounded like Meredith Vieira could be heard laughing off-camera.

“What’s a badonk?” Lauer asked Snooki. “Your butt,” she answered, adding, “you know what a badonk is!” Lauer demurely insisted that he had not known the term, though he knew that Vieira used it frequently.

The two also delved into some other slang terms, including one that Lauer approached with trepidation: “wenis.”

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com and NBC-TV)

Matt Lauer Interviews Snooki: “What’s A Badonk?”

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