During a Wednesday appearance on The View, Meghan McCain recalled that she was “shocked” at how pervasive pot use was in California because “I’m not a cannabis user… frequently.”

“Your father is going to be so proud,” co-host Barbara Walters joked.

“He knows everything and he loves me, but whatever,” McCain shrugged. “Sorry, dad!”

Co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck said she worried about people driving under the influence of marijuana.

“You can give a breathalyzer for alcohol,” she noted. “If there’s a method to measure how much one has consumed in terms of marijuana before they get into a vehicle, say… I would like to have a measure.”

“You don’t leave the house when you get high,” co-host Sherri Shepard interrupted. “Ain’t nobody got hurt in the car smoking no weed.”

(Source: ABC-TV and RawStory.com)

Meghan McCain Says She Doesn’t Smoke Pot “Frequently”

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