Miley Cyrus appeared on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in Los Angeles before jetting to New York for a Wednesday “Good Morning America” appearance.

Coming out in what Kimmel described as “underwear,” Cyrus talked about her recent laryngitis, her family’s Mule Day tradition, and her friendship with Snoop Lion.

“We’re more alike than you would think,” she told Kimmel, who joked that Snoop is “so high” he doesn’t even know what his name is anymore.

Cyrus replied, “Me too, it’s fine. We both are.”

Kimmel also asked Cyrus about the performer’s decision to hire her most obsessed fan.

Later, Cyrus performed “We Can’t Stop” for the first time on network television, followed by “Fall Down” with

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Miley Cyrus Talks About “High” Frienship with Snoop Lion

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