he former Victoria’s Secret Angel was on Fox & Friends yesterday to promote her skincare line, KORA Organics as well as her new role as a spokesperson for Gilette, and the hosts brought up the flexibility-flaunting shot. “Was that work or play?” Brian Kilmeade asked, in reference to their discussion about finding balance in life. “That was a bit of both,” the model responded. “I grew up as a gymnast, and I love yoga, and that was me doing a backbend…it’s such a wonderful, heart-opening pose so it was just fun to share.”

But while she couldn’t exactly recreate the pose on air (imagine the headlines that would have generated), she did manage a little bit of contortion in her body-hugging outfit. Now, whether she could manage Ujjayi breath is another matter entirely.

(Source: Fox News and Styleite.com)

Miranda Kerr Demonstrates Sexy Stretches

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