The lawyer for Mitt Romney’s campaign may be leery on appearing on MSNBC in the future after an uncomfortable interview Tuesday evening.

Pressured by Chris Matthews to explain if his candidate had any conversations on ads with the Super PACs endorsing him, attorney Ben Ginsberg provided a strong, yet dubious, opinion of the former Massachusetts Governor.

“Ben, you’re saying that’s he’s wrong, that he’s wrong to tell the Super PAC to cool it?” Matthews asked.

“No, my candidate is never wrong,” Ginsberg replied. “You’re mixing apples and oranges in which you’re trying to get me to say.”

Romney earlier said that he helped the Super PACs raise money, but carefully noted that “the law says I can’t tell them what ads to run or when to run them or where to run them.

Created by the Supreme Court in its controversial “Citizens United” decision, Super PACS are allowed to accept unlimited corporate contributions and keep their donors’ names a secret. Candidates and their campaigns are not allowed to coordinate ads with a Super PAC.


Mitt Romney’s Lawyer Says Romney is “Never Wrong”

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