According to a report in Vanity Fair, MSNBC host and former Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough is preparing to publish a memoir which he hopes will lead to a presidential bid in 2016.

The report in Vanity Fair, accompanied by a provocative picture of Scarborough’s MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski, notes that the pair has flirted with a number of major career moves which never materialized.

Vanity Fair reporter Douglas Brinkley writes that Scarborough and Brzezinski have entertained overtures from CBS to move their morning news program from cable to broadcast. Brinkley also reports that Scarborough and Brzezinski are actively pitching a television drama about the life of Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

Now, according to Brinkley, Scarborough is flirting with getting back into politics:

After the presidential inauguration in January, Joe (no fan of Mitt Romney’s—”I’ve been very critical”) plans on publishing a memoir that will serve—no joke—as a vehicle to test the waters for a presidential run in 2016. Take that, Mr. Romney.


MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Running for President in 2016?

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