In what she apparently viewed as a gesture on behalf of women, Nancy Grace demanded to see the window that singer Chris Brown allegedly broke on ‘Good Morning America.’ ‘GMA’ host Robin Roberts had pressed Brown last week on an incident with his former girlfriend, Rihanna, in which Brown was accused of assaulting her. Brown threw a tantrum on set and was said to have shattered a window.

Roberts was speaking with Grace today about other cases when Grace made a sudden demand. “Before I leave,” she said, “on behalf of women everywhere, I demand to see the window that Chris Brown kicked out.” She promised she would not rip her shirt off and run out into the street, like Brown did. “What, did he think you were going to fight with him and tear him down by his T-shirt?” she said, and before waiting for Roberts to reply, added, “No comment? OK.”

Nancy Grace Demands to See the Window Chris Brown Broke

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