Late on Friday afternoon, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann tweeted that his online “FOKNewsChannel” would begin operations tonight.

Around 3 PM EST, Olbermann posted, “Bulletin: FOKNewsChannel site, humble and presumably bug-ridden though it may be, goes live tonight. Puhhhhhhrobably. #FOK”

As of 5PM, there was still a placeholder page at However, a series of further tweets pasted to had added additional details of the intended offerings.

“We will begin FOKNewsChannel with 3 staples,” Olbermann explained. “‘The First Guess’ will be my column of commentary and analysis. … The site will also bring you “Snappy Answers To Stupid Headlines” which will be a frequently-updated snark repository. … And then something experimental and atypical… “‘The Worst Persons Of The Day.'”

“Don’t be expecting too much of my technical expertise here,” he cautioned. “Remember, I started my career on manual typewriters.”

Olbermann’s FOKNewsChannel to Go Live Tonight

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