Oprah admitted to Entertainment Weekly that her network, OWN, is “not where I want it to be.”

The interview, which was published on Monday, came three days after OWN, in the starkest sign yet of its troubles, fired its chief executive Christina Norman. The network has struggled with low ratings since its blockbuster launch in January. Before Norman was ousted, she had already overhauled OWN’s schedule once.

In the interview, Oprah said it might have been a mistake for her to launch OWN while she was still working on her talk show.

“I feel like I have not begun to give anything to OWN,” she said. “…I wouldn’t even say 10 percent of my time is on OWN right now. But it will be. [After the end of Oprah] I can start to give my attention to OWN that it deserves. Its going to improve exponentially with the amount of time and service I can give to it.”

She said that Saturday Night Live impresario had told her to wait three years until she judged the success or failure of the network.

“I am going to have to pay my dues and will be in the midst of a learning curve,” she said.

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com)

Oprah: OWN ‘Not Where I Want It To Be’

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