Oprah Winfrey devoted a segment on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ to Brazilian spirit doctor John of God, a simple farmer with no medical degree and little education who many believe is a medium who channels the spirits of more than 30 dead doctors and saints to bring physical and spiritual healing.

(Source: TVSquad.com)

Oprah Promotes Brazilian Healer “John of God”

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  • carla

    I am so grateful that we are in this wonderful time .
    the truth will prevail and all the fake healers will come to be reveal .
    its to bad that Oprah winfrey made such and interview for such a muster ,who uses woman ,for sex when ever he wants, he thinks he can get what he wants he is a manipulator just because of his “power” .
    he works with the dead hi is not someone that works with the light .
    he just uses everything to cover him self up.
    wake up people this is the time to wake up ,don’t follow a Guro
    be your own Guro .
    and may the divine light be with all of us.

  • carla

    the rreal name for this monster is john of hell he heals with dark powers he is a sexsual maniac

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