It’s been a week since Oprah and Rosie started tearing it up on OWN, and the former queen of daytime has been teaching her protege some key lessons. Oprah has continued to share her wealth of knowledge, teaching Rosie how to take a tequila shot.

Rosie told her viewers on Monday that she was shocked that Oprah is a fan of the tequila shot. “It’s a little like seeing Julie Andrews shoot heroin,” she said. “I was, ‘Holy crap, what is going on here!'”

At a party for OWN, Rosie seemed unsure of how to take her shot, but Oprah — who has professed her affinity for good tequila before — showed Rosie the wisdom of her ways. After downing the drink, Rosie shouted, “Oh Lord! What the hell? There should be a warning: It’s gonna burn your throat!”


Oprah Teaches Rosie How To Take Tequila Shot

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