When talk show queen Oprah Winfrey announced she was publicly supporting Barack Obama for president back in 2008, she shocked many TV insiders who had always thought it best for talk show hosts to keep their political views to themselves.

Now as the 2012 election process has officially begun, sources tell me this time around Oprah’s support will be much more private.

“For 2012, much has changed for Oprah. She now has own cable channel called OWN that has been struggling to find an audience — she isn’t going to do anything to alienate them,” a TV insider tells me. “Unlike in 2008, when a drop in ratings didn’t matter as much for the queen of TV, Oprah is now fighting every day to get people to tune into OWN.”

Oprah Winfrey’s daily talk show ratings dropped in 2008 after her highly publicized political rally for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. An October 2008 Gallup poll before the rallies but after Oprah’s public endorsement of Obama found that Oprah’s favorable ratings had fallen from 74 to 66 percent while her unfavorable ratings jumped from 17 to 26 percent. Then came news that Oprah’s TV ratings showed that her daytime audience, which was nearly 9 million at its height in 2004-05, had fallen to 7.3 million.

As much as Oprah may still love President Obama and may support him behind the scenes, do not expect to see the same public support you saw in 2008. As my source puts it, “Helping a friend keep the most important job in the world is great, but making sure her OWN network thrives is now her priority.”

(Source: PopEater.com)

Oprah Won’t Publicly Support Obama in 2012 Election

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  • BlackSunshine84

    I don’t care if her support is public or private. She still supports him and that means I am not supporting her.

  • Carl Brown

    Every individual are free in this great country of American to support whomever they desire. Even media personalities such as Oprah Winfrey or anyone else. Those of us who hear their preferences have the same freedom to agree or to disagree. We have those same rights as they do, but not as publickly of course. I wonder how many individuals would disagree with our decision. That is one of the things that has made America a Great Nation. My concern for whoever runs for the Hihiest Office in the World, the President of the United States; is that they protect those same freedoms we all enjoy! It is my major concern that this President as well as many we’ve had before him, including George Bush have trumped legislation to take away the freedoms we do have! All this has been done in order to rush America into a one world government along with the rest of the world. Barack Obama can’t do that alone, but he is leading us there! And so are many others who support candidates whose agenda is to see this happen. America as a whole need to repent of our wickedness and come back to the God, The Lord Jesus Christ, who made this country of America Great!

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