Oprah took to her Facebook page and blog to prepare viewers for Monday’s premiere of her new OWN show, “Lifeclass.” While it seemed as though she was quite tired from a busy trip to her school in South Africa, Oprah wrote about the topics she plans to cover and lessons she plans to teach during her new show.

Before divulging her upcoming lesson plan, Oprah explained to her readers that her “body does not adjust to time change well,” and described her week in South Africa as “sleepless.” Oprah was at her school in South Africa teaching her “Life 101” course to 12th graders, where she told students, “Mistakes mean move in another direction. And other people’s opinions don’t define you.” She said “Life 101” will be similar in feel, but not necessarily scope, to “Lifeclass.”

“For Lifeclass we’re moving on to even bigger lessons that speak to the power of the heart,” Oprah wrote. “How not to be controlled by your ego. Letting Go of the past. Allowing the Truth of your life to set you free,” she added. Oprah has big expectations for the show, and high hopes that audiences will truly connect with the program. “I want your world to open up, and you be enhanced, and stimulated by new ways of thinking about yourself,” she said.

Oprah’s note was far more inspirational than a recent entry, which showed a heavyhearted side of the OWN CEO. She wrote, “the world is a mess,” and told readers that we all can “do better.”

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com)

Oprah’s ‘Lifeclass Lessons’ Aimed at Fixing Viewers’ Lives

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