Oprah kicked off 2012 with the launch of her new primetime show, “Oprah’s Next Chapter” to save her stuggling cable network OWN on Sunday night with an an extensive interview with Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler at his home in New Hampshire.

Tyler sat down with Oprah to talk about love, regret, sex, lead singer syndrome, and more. Oprah asked Tyler if he was “a good person to be married to,” and if he was “irresponsible.” Tyler admitted that he “abandoned” his first wife and daughter, Mia, to go on tour. “My heart is still broken that I did that,” Tyler said of leaving his first wife and daughter.

Tyler also gave Oprah a tour of his New Hampshire home on Lake Sunapee. The two ventured out into the woods, which Tyler called his “sacred place.” They observed “the stillness,” and raved about the beauty found in the middle of the woods. “This is beauty to me,” Oprah said as she felt a moss-covered rock.

(Source: OWN)

‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ Debuts With Steven Tyler

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