Pat Buchanan endorsed Herman Cain’s controversial claim that black voters have been “brainwashed” into voting Democratic — and, on Thursday, he added some very controversial opinions of his own to the mix.

On Wednesday, Cain told CNN that black voters “have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.” The comment received a lot of attention, and MSNBC’s Martin Bashir asked Buchanan about it on his Thursday show. Buchanan said he wholeheartedly approved.

“I think the African American community has embraced Great Society liberalism which has been devastating for the African American family,” he said. “…I admire Herman Cain for standing up and going against, if you will, the conventional wisdom, and being a tough African American businessman.”

“Brainwashed?” Bashir said. “That’s a fairly strong term.”

“I think what he’s saying is they bought a lot of liberal propaganda on the liberal plantation and I think he’s right!” Buchanan replied staunchly.

“On the liberal plantation. Wow.” Bashir said. “That’s right,” Buchanan said.

Pat Buchanan: Black People Bought “Propaganda” on “Liberal Plantation”

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