Paula Deen stopped by The Today Show this morning to make an appearance on every segment but the weather. She’s way too famous now to just stop in for a quickie cooking segment. So, along with taking each anchor through holiday ham four ways, she sat on the panel for Today’s Professionals and Take 3.

In Today’s Professionals, she took a non-position on Anna Wintour’s potential ambassadorship, revealed that she’s pro-regifting, admitted she’d totally ride on that rickety rollercoaster some kid’s dad built in his backyard, and flirted with Donny Deutsch.

Then, on Take 3, Paula revisited her high school cheerleading days, came out in support of celebs running for office, and flirted with Willie Geist.

And, in her ham segment, she dished on how she was bringing hams to Hurricane Sandy-ravaged Staten Islanders and Food Bank NYC, before engaging in some heavy flirting with Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer was not amused. No means no, Paula! Or, in Matt Lauer’s case, the safe-word appears to be “seriously,” which he repeats several times in an effort to get Paula to release him. Bonus: she couldn’t identify the contents of one of her ingredient containers, so she drinks it. That is to say: Paula Deen drinks chicken stock in the clip below.

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Paula Deen Gropes Matt Lauer on ‘Today’

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