CNN host Piers Morgan pointed his finger at Heather Mills on “Conan” on Monday night, accusing her of hacking ex-husband Paul McCartney’s phone.

Speaking to Conan O’Brien, Morgan called Mills and McCartney’s entanglement in the phone hacking scandal “completely ridiculous.” McCartney recently revealed that his phone may have been hacked. The revelation came after Mills’ own charges that her phone had been hacked by a journalist from the Mirror Group, which publishes Morgans’ former tabloid, the Daily Mirror, along with many other newspapers.

Morgan sought to discredit Mills on Monday night, pointing to allegations in her divorce papers that she had hacked McCartney’s phone and passed information along to the press. “Paul McCartney is apparently now claiming that someone hacked his phone—the police have told him that,” he said. “I suspect it was Heather Mills.”

He alleged that Mills “was hiding herself from the whole thing” by diverting the blame to someone else. He added, “Heather Mills is not the best person to be throwing any dynamite at anyone on this.”

His statements reiterated his response to her original charges last Wednesday, when he questioned her credibility and referred to McCartney’s allegations that Mills had hacked his phone.

Morgan took another shot at Mills on O’Brien’s show when he apologized for introducing her to McCartney at an event for the Daily Mirror. He joked that the decision cost Paul McCartney $50 million. He added, “Rather than haranguing me, she ought to be thanking me.”

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Piers Morgan Accuses Heather Mills Of Hacking Paul McCartney’s Phone

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