CNN host Piers Morgan, who has repeatedly called for stricter gun regulation in the wake of last week’s school shooting in Connecticut, got into a heated debate with the head of the Gun Owners of America (GOA), Larry Pratt, during his show Tuesday night, with the interview becoming confrontational after Morgan accused Pratt of lying about shooting rates in Europe.

“You’re an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” Morgan sneered, to which Pratt responded by accusing him of being morally obtuse.

“You seem to prefer being a victim to being able to prevail over the criminal element,” Pratt countered. “I don’t know why you want to be the criminals’ friend.”

Pratt angered Morgan when he said gun-free zones and assault weapon bans did not work in England.

“You’ve had mass murders there,” Pratt said. “All over Europe, there have been mass murders.”

Morgan immediately pounced on that line, pointing out the declining murder rates in England, Australia and Germany after tighter regulation was adopted in the wake of mass shootings in each country.

Pratt conceded that England had a lower murder rate than the U.S., but also said Britain’s violent crime rate is higher than America’s; however, in October The Guardian reported an overall drop in the country’s crime rate — including violent crimes — between June 2011 and June 2012.

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Piers Morgan Slams Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt

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