CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight was fired up both about Congress’ continued inability to deal with gun control and President Obama engaging in “pointless exercise[s}” to lessen the blow of sequestration instead of doing something meaningful like cutting his pricey vacations.

Morgan first observed that as passionate as Obama is about doing something on gun control, he looks to be ultimately “powerless” against political roadblocks on Congress. Marjorie Clifton added that even many Democrats have been wary about supporting any gun regulations. Morgan was amazed that even something as universally agreed upon as background checks is so controversial in the Senate asking, “How many more children have to die in one shooting before these politicians get together and do something?”

Morgan panned the whole thing as “collective, gutless political nonsense,” slamming the “arrogance” of members of Congress not thinking they have to answer to anyone on this. However, he also had some harsh words for the president, who said he is voluntarily giving up a portion of his salary in solidarity with furloughed government workers.

Morgan called this another “pointless exercise” by the Obama administration, and wondered why the president doesn’t cut where it could do some actual good.

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Piers Morgan Slams “Gutless” Congress Over Guns

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