On the first day that the healthcare exchanges were open, Bill Maher sent documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Nancy, out on the streets of New York to learn what citizens know about the law. The answer, not surprisingly, is “not very much.”

One man complained that Obama shouldn’t have been so vain as to name the law after himself. Another wondered why Muslims were exempt from Obamacare, and he was followed by a montage of Fox News-watching men very worried about death panels.

A woman expressed deep concern over the computer chips she believes the government wants to implant “under her skin.” “It’s like ‘this big,’” she said, indicating about an inch. “You’re going to go the doctors and they’re going to scan it like a credit card.”

When Pelosi expressed disbelief, the woman responded, “I don’t know how you don’t know about it. It’s in all the news.”

(Source: HBO and RawStory.com)

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Yorkers Ignorant About Obamacare

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