Reese Witherspoon is set to make a hilarious cameo on the upcoming season of Chelsea Handler’s comedy “After Lately.”

In a preview for the episode, the Oscar winner tours Handler’s new offices, grilling her friend about how much money she’s making, and slyly mocking her for not having any children.

When Handler refuses to reveal her income, Witherspoon lashes out, saying, “You didn’t have this life before you met me. It’s kind of like you could break your life into two parts: Before Reese, B.R., After Reese, A.R. And this office is definitely, like, After Reese, A.R., okay? Not like I’m comparing myself to Jesus or anything.”

Check out the funny clip below!

“After Lately” premieres on Monday, February 25 on E!

(Source: and E!)

Reese Witherspoon Does Cameo on Chelsea Handler’s Comedy ‘After Lately’

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