Regis’ environmental activist side was on display on this’Live with Regis and Kelly.’ Regis is highly concerned with New York City’s proposal to “improve” the Pelham Parkway, which will “remove 87 mature trees that give the parkway its character and beauty.” If it were in Manhattan, Regis says there would be a tremendous uproar, but since it’s the Bronx “nobody hears what they’re yelling about.”

“You should yell,” Kelly advises. Taking her advice, Regis gets on his soapbox, “Eighty-seven trees! Why? Why do they have to remove those trees!” He clearly can’t believe that the department of transportation would chop down such “beautiful, mature, lovely trees” that have been there “all of my life,” he claims. “And it’s going to cost 36 million dollars. That’s how they waste money here in this city! Drives me crazy. Leave those trees alone!” Regis shouts to a round of applause.

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Regis Slams NYC For Plan to Remove 87 Trees

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